Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sticky - Bashment Meets Funky

Classic Sticky feat. Tubby T.

Richard 'Sticky' Forbes built his reputation as one of the countries leading club music producers in the height of the UK Garage scene. His distinctive sound not only made his music unavoidable in the clubs during this era, but also launched the careers of a number of the UK’s leading talents including the Mercury Award Winning Ms. Dynamite.

Sticky has had an endless numbers of club and chart hits featuring artists including Kele Le Roc, Stush, Tubby T & Twista, he has also remixed the likes of Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Aaliyah, Sugababes,Hot chip & Erykah Badu consistently finding himself scaling the heights of the club charts.

The energetic rhythms and catchy synthesized hooks make his style instantly recognisable. Consistently pioneering new sounds, most recently with the increasingly popular ‘Dirtypop’ movement. A style he says will “Forge a blend between the credible street sounds and the pop music industry”. The vibrant musical arrangements and classic pop vocals have provided an exciting new platform and already ‘Dirtypop’ is gracing the radio and club scenes in various different guises.

His music has recently featured in E4 hit series ‘Skins’ and BBC’s ‘Eastenders’.

Sticky is currently working with a number of new writers and artists on various development projects.

For the latest Sticky audio check:
There are some serious bashment versus funky tracks up on there.

Sticky and Ms.Dyamite make their return.

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