Thursday, January 28, 2010

SORRY IT'S BEEN TOO LONG! This is where I've been..

Sorry I have'nt had a chance to post anything up for quite some time. I've been busy in the studio adding fresh tracks to the Carib LP forthcoming on Liondub International. It's looking like the LP will feature 26 tracks. Carib E.P Part 2 drops February 1st so watch out for it. The full album drops on March 1st.

I'm excited about 2010 and I'm looking forward to starting some fresh projects. I will be doing some more sub soca 140/128 bass music. There will also be some more full vocal jungle coming soon as well. Big up to the all the open minded bass lovers out there. Things are getting sticky in 2010! It's a fresh start to a new decade! Time to open our minds and create new and fresh music! Check the album teaser/mini mix..

'All Things Bass'

CARIB LP 15 Track Teaser: 3:55

1) The General Feat. Jah Dan
2) In the V.I.P Feat. Satori
3) Crackhead
4) Black Panther Feat. Satori
5) Left Foot Skank
6) Uptown
7) London
8) Riddim Again
9) Berbice
10) Pepper Pot
11) Georgetown
12) St.Vincent
13) Surinam
14) Belize City
15) Carifesta

Check some of the new vids I've posted below.. Some hottness..

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