Thursday, February 4, 2010

Knowledge | 10 Ragga Jungle Producers for 2010!

We take a look at our top ten ragga jungle artists who continue to push boundaries, break barriers, and persist in reaching new heights. Take a look at our picks for 2010 as well as our choices for the hottest newcomers to keep an eye on in years to come.

Psychofreud – Oslo, Norway

Mad Dem Sound (Twinhooker & Paulie Walnuts) – Ohio, USA


RCola – Montreal, Canada


Chopstick Dubplate (Jacky Murda, Tuffist, Aries) – Barcelona, Spain / New York City, USA / Birmingham, UK


Liondub – New York City, NY


Tester – Atlanta, USA


EZ Sniper – Vermont, USA


J Bostron – Glasgow, Scotland


HoT – Tula, Russia


Marcus Visionary & Benny Page – Toronto, Canada / Reading, UK
These two Digital Sounboy badmen combined had over 10 vinyl releases last year alone, not counting the remixes others have done of them. Their biggest hit together, the remix of Top Cat's Sweetest Ting, made our Top 10 Ragga Tunes of 2009. Year after year the duo continues to top dance charts and dominate venues on both hemispheres of the world. You should anticipate the DS revolution to continue strongly in this decade!


Do not think that Kmag has overlooked the newcomers who are moving up in the ranks of becoming ‘Ragga Dons'. If the following producers are not yet on your radar, after reading this list, they should be:

Issac Maya – Mexico
Igit – Russia
D.I.S – Germany
Ragga Scum – USA
FeyDer – Russia
Baby Demo – USA
Unsoundbwoy – Australia
The Archangel – USA
D-Jahsta – Greece
OSCI - Austria

More Ragga Jungle producers to look forward too...

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