Saturday, June 12, 2010

ATM Magazine Review of 'Carib'

After weeks of Marcus Visionary's Carib LP tearing up worldwide download charts, ATM magazine goes in and reviews the album. Here is what ATM had to say:

Marcus Visionary
Liondub International

"With a long history of releasing ragga-jungle as part of the Visionaary duo, Marcus Visionary may turn a few heads with his latest album 'Carib' a foray into deepest, darkest dubstep and UK funky spliced with influences from all over the dance music spectrum. Released on NYC based label Liondub International, the album not only features Marcus' musical explorations, but also guest production and vocals from some highly recognisable names, including Johnny Osbourne, Jahdan, Benny Page and Luciano. Weighing in at a whopping 27 tracks, this double LP may appear too ambitious for some, but with an overwhelmingly fresh sound pouring from every track 'Carib' appears to be a perfect mixture of DJ friendly dancefloor killers and esoteric iPod fillers. Highlights include the summertime vibes of 'Mama So Divine' featuring Noble Society and Jahdan, the whirling dubstep/funky hybrid 'In The VIP' alongside Benny Page, and the incredible Detroit techno-soaked '2012' which celebrates carnival rhythms with old school pride. For those of you who fear drum & bass producers who jump on the dubstpe bandwagon, you can put those fears aside as Marcus Visionary proves not only does he have what it takes to produce authentic dubstep, he's brave enough to innovate and try new things along the way. What 'Carib' achieves is an accolade that all bandwagon jumpers should aspire to; truly refreshing music."

ATM Magazine, June 2010

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