Monday, May 10, 2010

Carib LP Review -

Marcus Visionary hailing from Toronto has been producing a sound for a while that he calls “Sub Soca” and has released two EPs riddled with it. This album out now on Liondub International is the culmination, a collection of 27 tracks that range from the intense sub soca styles of “St. Vincent”, “Belize City” and “Surinam”, to wobbly dubstep tracks like “In the VIP”, or “London”, a 2step feel with “Left Food Skank” and some conscious dubstep vibes on “Nightfall” and “Coffee or Tea.” The music on this album is what it’s all about in dance music for me currently: bass heavy, syncopated rhythms that just make you want to jump and prance. Almost impossible for me to sit still while I write this. This release is high quality and is worth buying regardless, but thanks to Liondub International you can pick up all 27 tracks for a wallet-friendly $14. I’ve selected some favorites below or click the Juno link at the end of the post for full audio previews.

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