Saturday, May 8, 2010



Marcus Visionary - Carib was released 2nd May on Liondub International

The mammoth album that is Marcus Visionary's 'Carib' has finally been released and without doubt it's a stonker. 'The General' is an anthemic opener, once enough peeps have heard this you could imagine a club full of dubsoldiers chanting the chrous, with the fat bass underneath rattling the ribs. But this is not a run-of-the mill dubstep album (although examples of those are few and far between).

Past the first five or so tracks things really start to develop into the totally original genre that Visionary has championed, if not created. The complex tropical rhythms supporting the dubstep/breaks basslines with often hautingly atmospheric synths (Left Foot Skank/Big&Bashy/My Sound) or uplifting percussive lines that create a real carnival atmostphere (Carifesta/Mama So Divine/St.Vincent).

Ever since I bought Left Foot Skank/St.Vincent I've been spending many of my sets simply working up the 145bpm which they really should be played at. At that speed (and with these songs) you enter into a strange place between the relentlessness of techno and the dark skank of dub and it's really hard to find many other artists that can match that energy.

This is a sick album and you WILL NOT hear another one like it, if you buy this you are buying magic. Marcus Visionary please come to the UK to play some gigs!!!

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